ARION 430-410

One for all.

Tried-and-tested technology in a compact, modern design combined with optimum comfort and first-class ergonomics.

ARION 430-410

One for all.

Tried-and-tested technology in a compact, modern design combined with optimum comfort and first-class ergonomics.

Cab. Take it easy.


Greater comfort for higher productivity.

CLAAS engineers took three crucial factors into account when they were designing the cab:

  • Tractor drivers work very long days
  • A good all-round view is essential to allow implements to be moved safely and conveniently
  • A comfortable working environment is a healthy one

Based on these criteria, CLAAS has developed a quiet and spacious cab where you can work in a relaxed and productive way, enjoy a cold drink, or calmly carry on a telephone conversation using the hands-free system which is built into the radio.


Greater comfort means greater efficiency.

  • Narrow and low bonnet for a good forward view of the front loader and front linkage
  • New rear mudguard design with maximum mud-catching ability provides an optimum view of both sides and of the rear linkage
  • Good view of the hitch
  • Safe and comfortable access during everyday use, thanks to the wide-opening doors, ergonomic handles and self-cleaning steps
  • Wide FOPS transparent sunroof for an unimpeded view of the front loader
  • Pivoting seat with low-frequency air suspension
  • Comfortable passenger seat with seatbelt
  • Plenty of storage space and practical storage compartments
  • Cooler compartment for bottles up to 1.5 litres
  • MP3 radio with Bluetooth function
  • Highly efficient air conditioning

Comfort. Your work made easier.


Everything in its place.

The clearly laid-out instrument panel provides all the information you need at a glance. The ARION 400 is intuitive and easy to use – no training sessions or long, drawn-out explanations are necessary. Just climb on board and drive away. From one job to another, you can control every function effectively and intuitively as the controls are perfectly configured for any application.

The TCE 15 T linkage control has been integrated into the right-hand side console, and is therefore in an ideal position for controlling the rear attachments. Using a large rotating wheel, the working depths can easily be set and the mounted implements can be securely coupled and detached.

The external control for the rear linkage is easily accessible at both rear mudguards and is precise, just like the external control for the PTO, coming into its own with slurry tanker operators.


Full and intuitive control.

The gear lever has had its day. The QUADRISHIFT transmission is operated effortlessly via "+/-" buttons and the shift key on the hand throttle. In the ARION 400 CIS, you can also switch between all four ranges and powershift speeds via a toggle switch on the joystick. The clutch pedal is now required for manoeuvring only, and no longer for acceleration.

In addition to the traditional clutchless reverser function, REVERSHIFT also provides a declutch function.

Field and transport mode.

A switch on the right-hand console enables you to switch between the two transmission modes "Field" and "Transport".

  • Field mode: shift between the powershift speeds at the push of a button, shift between ranges with +/- button and shift key
  • Transport mode: shift between all ranges and powershift speeds by pressing a button

In the ARION 400 CIS, the QUADRACTIV automatic transmission performs the shifts. You can select your driving style conveniently in the onboard computer.

CIS. Intelligence saves time and effort.

The ARION 400 CIS.

In the compact ARION 400, you'll profit from the technology of its big brothers. With the CLAAS INFORMATION SYSTEM (CIS), the ARION 400's outstanding features provide you with a maximum of CLAAS comfort.

With CIS, simultaneously activating several buttons or levers when carrying out difficult manoeuvres is a thing of the past. CIS controls the transmission, PTO and electronic spool valves automatically, leaving your hands and head free to concentrate on more important tasks so that you can get the most out of your ARION 400. Productive and efficient – day in, day out.

ARION 400CISStandard
CIS in instrument panel
Automatic PTO engagement/ disengagement
98 l/m hydraulic pump
External controls for rear PTO
Reinforced rear linkage with max. 6.5 t lifting capacity

● Standard ○ Optional – Not available * Standard in Germany


Clear CIS display.

The CIS display is located on the instrument panel within your field of vision, and is easy to set using a rotary dial and the ESC key. Simple menu navigation and the logical symbols make operation straightforward. You can conveniently match all automatic functions to the working conditions and driver preferences at any time.


Settings via CIS.

  • Shift points for the QUADRACTIV powershift unit
  • Start-up gear for the QUADRISHIFT transmission
  • Progressivity of the REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser
  • Disengagement of forward/reverse ratio
  • Time and flow rate settings for the electronic spool valves on the joystick
  • On-board computer functions such as area worked, area output, fuel consumption and remaining work time
  • Maintenance interval display
  1. Navigation in the menu
  2. Select
  3. Escape key

Precise work.

The joystick in the ARION 400 is ideally positioned, integrated into the armrest of the driver’s seat. This removes the need for arm movement between the seat and joystick, and complete control is guaranteed at all times.

This means that two electronic spool valves can be operated via the joystick.

The QUADRISHIFT gearbox, too, can be easily operated using the rocker switch on the joystick. Alternating between gear-shifting and activating the hydraulics is no longer necessary, providing considerable benefits for front-loader work, mowing with a front/rear combination or trailed mowers, and for seed drilling.

  1. Fill / dump attachment
  2. Lower and raise front loader or front linkage
  3. Change range and powershift speed with QUADRISHIFT
  4. F3 and F4 function
  5. Float position
  6. Switch joystick on/off
  7. Hydraulic locking for front-loader attachments

Many functions.

Two electronic spool valves can be operated proportionally with the joystick. There is the option of using these spool valves to supply the front loader, the front linkage and a connection to the tractor rear, when the front is not being used.

The flow rates of the two spool valves and also the timer control can be easily set in the CIS, so that lightly tapping the joystick is sufficient to reach the full travel of the hydraulic cylinders.