CLAAS COATEX net replacement film

CLAAS COATEX net replacement film

CLAAS COATEX net replacement film

Your benefits when using COATEX net replacement film:

  • No danger to animals from net residue sticking to feed
  • Improved oxygen barrier through additional film layers on the bale
  • Optimum preservation due to reduced air entrapment
  • Easy opening of the bales, as only one packaging material is used
  • Uniform packaging material facilitates joint disposal
  • Higher stability of the film surface for better mechanical protection during storage and transport
  • Cylindrical shape, allowing the bales to be stacked better and longer
  • Improved edge protection thanks to 1,400-mm-wide film roll

Facilitates handling and optimises the ensiling process.

With the introduction of the ROLLANT UNIWRAP 454 (type 769 with characteristic value H020100), it is now optionally possible to produce bale silage without using a round bale net.

COATEX is the new solution! In combination with high-quality stretch film, highly compressed bales of precisely cylindrical shape can be produced while optimally retaining the energy and nutrient content of forage.

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